Trapped Wasp ©1998

In the installation Trapped Wasp, home is portrayed as a place for potential entrapment. On the wall in a small, darkened room hangs an 11 x 14 inch gold-leaf oval frame. Rear-projected within the frame is a portrait of a bride, with a larger-than-life sized wasp seemingly trapped within the frame. An intense buzzing noise reverberates as the wasp alternates between grooming and trying to escape.

On the adjacent wall, a large video projection shows a "wasp’s view" flying through a dollhouse. The black and white image is projected life-size which gives it the appearance of an actual interior; intermittently the interior is "stung" with flashes of color within the projected image. The accompanying soundtrack of frantic buzzing heightens the sense of entrapment.

Installation Components:
--Video installation with two channels of video and audio.
--Sculpture: 11 x 14” gold-leaf oval frame with rear-projected video.
--Hardware: Two LCD video projectors, DVD players and discs, and six speakers. Dimensions variable.