Her Majesty's Request ©2000

Her Majesty’s Request combines a sculptural element with video. From afar, Her Majesty’s Request appears to be a child-sized Chippendale-style chair with a plush, red velvet cushion. Drawing nearer, the viewer may begin to hear quiet kissing and slurping sounds which beckon for closer inspection. Standing directly over the chair, a small circular lens in the cushion reveals a pair of lips and tongue, gesturing and kissing. The fetishistic quality of the tiny chair combined with the voluptuous lips gives a push-pull impression of come-hither attraction and queasy disdain. At once edgy and amusing, Her Majesty’s Request beckons and mocks with sweet subversiveness.

Installation Components:
--Mixed-media video installation with3-inch LCD monitor and lens embedded within a miniature chair, with audio. Sculpture dimensions: 19 x 13 x13 inches.