Held ©2010

A gigantic baby, projected onto the wall eight feet in height, looks serenely out at the viewer. The baby, a painted rendition of the Gerber baby, seems vaguely familiar. Suddenly, a life-sized woman, naked, toddles across the baby in a pre-nap fit, eventually crawling onto its lap. The woman gurgles a little, looks up at the baby’s face, and collapses exhaustedly, proceeding to fall asleep. Her fingers slowly uncurl and her mouth opens in relaxation. A short while later, after awaking, the woman attempts to receive some response from the baby, but to no avail. Untended, she slowly crawls off the lap of the baby and exits. In Held, the illusion of the big baby cradling the sleeping mother is an ironic twist on motherhood and the common need to be nurtured.

Installation photos from solo exhibition at ATHICA, GA, 2010: