Firefly Elegy (Work-in-progress) ©2013

Firefly Elegy is a multi-channel video installation currently in the editing process. Taking the lovely but short-lived firefly as a metaphor, the installation focuses on my brother, who died of an intestinal sarcoma. I filmed him throughout the years of his illness—from diagnosis, through survivorship, to death. In addition to interviewing him on audiotape, I chose to film only details of his body—his head, his surgery scars, his hands, his shoulders—as touched by my hands. His story, his attitudes about life and death, and the intricacy of our relationship unfold through these images, which run parallel with his voice. These images will flicker from many tiny monitors, hung at various heights from the ceiling of a darkened gallery. Like watching fireflies at night, I intend the power of the installation to rest as much in what is briefly seen as in periods of darkness while waiting for the next glimmer of light.

Firefly Elegy is supported through a generous
Berkshire Taconic A.R.T. Fellowship